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Our two  double rooms have a shower , WC,hair dryer,satellite TV,WI-FI, and a South-facing terrace.


Please contact:

Fam.Yasar Ehrhart

Am Pfarrgarten 2
D-76831 Heuchelheim-Klingen

Tel. 06349 / 3181



If you like to pose a question in any other language than German, we kindly ask you to send us an email containing your question in English and we will be pleased to answer it!

   Two - bed - Rooms: Prices per night,one guest, incl. breakfast


                            1 night

33.00 Euro/per night

                   from 2 nights

33.00 Euro/per night

                   from 3 nights

30.00 Euro/per night

                   from 4 nights

28.00 Euro/per night

               as a single room

40.00 Euro/per night



We would like to ask you not to smoke in the rooms and in the breakfeast-area..



 the breakfeast-area


 the gaze from your room




  their room






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